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Creating healthy working postures at home

Supporting employee well-being and productivity while aligning with your corporate values and financial constraints can be tricky. Offering a clear WFH program with consistent choices not only helps employees do their best work, it makes good business sense.

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You have options.

We have a solution that fits your evolving needs. Fast, reliable & beautiful.

Tailored E-commerce Portal

Curated solutions that serve your employee’s needs and align with your WFH policy and program.

Standard E-commerce Portal

Accommodates transactional orders if a corporate program is not necessary. Corporate discounts may be offered.

Global Fulfillment (Fulfilment)

Solutions in North America, EMEA, APAC and beyond.


A WFH program that meets employee & business needs

Health & Wellness

Ergonomic solutions at a (favourable) price point.

Curated Products

Contract grade solutions that support employee needs.

Financial Control

Spend what you need with pre-approved products

Service Support

Customer service support for your employees.

Reporting & Metrics

Identify who has bought what, where and when.

Your WFH solution is just a click away!

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