Building A Better Future


Sustainability & Social Impact

For by Bailey, sustainability is not a destination, it’s a journey. We are always asking ourselves what we can do to live and work today whilst keeping in mind the health and wellbeing of the planet and future generations. It is our belief that navigating green policies, certificates, asking tough questions, and partnering with manufacturers who share our ethos are the first steps towards zero waste and circularity.


A sustainable approach.

We want to be a resource for our clients and support them in their own journeys. One way we do this is through a key company initiative that aims to help clients achieve a more sustainable workspace through the following steps:


We can work with you to assess what you have in your existing workplace; defining what can be used in its current state, what could be refurbished, and what needs replacing.


Increasingly, clients approach us wishing to restore their existing furniture. Through our sister company, Better Source, we assist in repurposing where possible through modifying workstations (cutting down frames, tops and re-edging) and we partner with a local factory in Debden to do this, including reupholstering task chairs.

What We Can Do

Reupholstery / Task Chair Servicing / New Desk & Tabletops / Repairing Minor Defects, Wear & Fading / Recolouring Surface Chips


When reuse is not a viable option, we aim to recirculate preloved furniture via our partner Waste Match. Waste Match helps find charities who will benefit from receiving office furniture. We also have our own by Bailey website shop where we advertise and sell preloved items.

What We Can Do

Donate to Charity / Liquidate / Advertise online / Resell through our Network


We work closely with award-winning recycling and waste management partners to ensure responsible treatment and disposal of materials. We also make every effort to work with manufacturers who are committed to responsible practices and use of recycled materials.

What We Can Do

Furniture Recycling / IT Recycling / Accredited Waste Streams / Waste Segregation & Compliance


Our charity work.

Through their life changing work, Kids Out gives disadvantaged children positive experiences to support them to become future members of our society and workforce. Each year more than 20,000 children flee domestic abuse to seek sanctuary in refuge. Typically, these children have experienced physical, emotional, and even sexual abuse and arrive at refuge with nothing more than the clothes they are wearing. Kids Out works to remind these children and thousands of others living with disadvantages what it is like to be children and just have fun.

The by Bailey team donates one employee day per month either packing boxes for gifts at Christmas and arrival to Refuge centres or by volunteering on Fun Days, where the kids are given the opportunity to visit a theme park, go to the theatre or cinema and just be regular kids. We are proud to take part in these initiatives and to bring joy and hope to the next generation.