Proofing Your Office For The NEW ‘Normal’

The main question we are hearing our clients ask the most at the moment is what safety measures can be implemented quickly in the office to help support workplace concerns post COVID19 lock-down. Whilst we are uncertain of when employees will be able to return to the office, we have taken the steps to help prepare and ensure these measures comply with necessary hygiene and protective standards for when the time comes.

Wipeable Screens

Wipeable screens can be positioned as a protective barrier in many areas around the office. They can surround your workstation, be positioned on the counter of your reception desk and used in meeting spaces. The transparent nature of the screens means light is not obstructed, and visibility across the office is maintained. This way the office remains sociable but interaction between colleagues and clients is safer. This type of screen is usable without assembly and can be moved easily when required. This protective shield is freestanding in either a horizontal or vertical position, can be made to your preferred size and is super easy to clean.

Privacy Booths

Phone and work booths create an away-space within the office that is also isolated from others. Hush, a range of meeting and phonebooths, have launched a premium vinyl for the interior panels. This means that the surfaces inside are wipeable and the booth remains a hygienic space for users to work in. The anti-bacterial, anti-microbial vinyl is available in 36 colours and conforms to all European standards.

Products Helping Us Move
To The New Normal

In these challenging times, your business may need to follow protocol for hygiene long into the future. This means that products addressing hygiene issues should be considered with longevity and flexibility in mind. We have a wide range screens and booths that are retrofittable and can be reconfigured, as and when needed. All products come with the manufacturer’s warranty and can be delivered at short notice.